Current leader of the company took part in constructing of such unique hydro technical complexes as Enguri, Vartsikhe and Zhinvali hydroelectric complexes.
In 1978-1985yy under the leadership of Avtandil Chaladze was executed one of the most important and unique project – construction of complex of Zhinvali hydraulic facilities on the River Aragvi, solving energetic problems and also potable water supplying problems of Tbilisi and Rustavi. Constructing area was extended on 50km, starting from 101m height dam (at village Ananuri) and finishing at Tbilisi Sea with treating buildings.

Hydroelectric complex includes: deep water intake and outlet constructions, underground hydroelectric power station building, buffer pool and closed water conduit with pipes by diameter of 3.5 m etc.
It should be noted High scales of construction of hydro technical tunnels. Totally were driven different kind tunnels of 40 km length, among them the most difficult was tunneling of 8.6 km length water outlet, which is driven under the Aragvi river-bed, where the most complicated mining-geological conditions occur and underground pressure amounted 200-250t/m2.

Construction of underground hydroelectric power station building, located at the depth of 70m underground, should be regarded as a merit on company’s part.
A number of constructions of hydro technical buildings and rehabilitation-reconstruction works were carried out during years, including structure of headwork back intake for thermoelectric power station near Tbilisi and Rustavi, and for irrigation system; rehabilitation-protection of fast-flowing of Satskhene HEPS; rehabilitation-reconstruction of Rioni HEPS spillway; construction-reconstruction of headwork of Tezi-Okami irrigation system and etc.

An underground reservoir of potable water with capacity of 2X5000m3 was constructed in densely populated area of Tbilisi, on the Nutsubidze Plato, which is characterized by its trustworthiness, minimal affect on the existed landscape and economy of housing territory.

On the basis of intergovernmental agreement in 2000 year, the company continued working in Russian Federation, on the territory of North Osetian Republic –Alania. Company took part in construction of Zaramag Hydrotechnical structure complex.

Zaramag HPP represents a complex of interconnected cascade hydro power stations. It includes a "power plant" (near-dam plant, with capacity 15 MW, the average annual output -31 m. KW.H), and the "Plant -1" (diversion type, with capacity 342 MW, average annual output 789
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m. KW.H). The “Plant-1” is with the highest pressure (610m) hydropower plant all over the territory of Russia.

Zaramag HPP head building complex consists of:
- Soil dam, volume – 2m m3, crest length – 300m.
- Construction - Operating spillway, which includes regulated spillway with discharge 469 m3/s; construction tunnel with length -520 m, and diameter 5 m; and the open spillway channel, located at tunnel portal, with 8m length span;
- Bottom intake for getting water from the reservoir. Where the water flows to the # 1 pressure tunnel and then to Zaramag HPP 31 diversion path. Water intake is inclined and equipped with grating and repair shield;
- Pressure Tunnel # 1, through which water is supplied to the main HPP and then HPP # 1. The tunnel length is 674.29 m, and section - 7.0X7.3 m. lining is done by reinforced concrete.

- Open-topped head building of Powerhouse, by size - 24.60.42 m (volume of ferroconcrete works - 45 000 m3)
- Road tunnel with section 56 m2 and length – 600m;
- Internal- and reservoir bypass roads with artificial structures provided by the project, including a bridge over the River Ardon with superstructure – 24m.
Zaramag HPP # 1 is a complex of engineering buildings, a significant part of which is located in the underground, and includes the following buildings:
- Free flow diversion tunnel # 2 (conductivity - 65 m3/s) through which water is supplied to the power surge nodes. Tunnel length - 14882m, sections - 4.5X4.0 m, with concrete lining. Tunnel route crossed the complicated by tectonic faults, folded intrusive, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Eight faces and three access adits were organized for tunneling.

- Daily regulation basin, with capacity of 250 000 m3;
- Turbine water passage for the power turbine water supply. It consists of: open steel - reinforced concrete pipeline, by diameter - 4.4m; the underground vertical pit, by diameter - 3.6m and a length -507m; and two sub-horizontal tunnel water passages with length - 1012 m.
- Building of the HPP # 1 is overground, where two hydraulic units with 173 MW capacity are installed. Dimensions of the machine hall - 42.7X32 m.
As a general leaseholder company successfully carried out its duties and responsibilities, and in spite of existed obstacles in the high mountainous area with the most complicated topography and climatic conditions, finished the construction of headwork’s’ complex in 2008, and ensured its operation in the arranged limits.
The company also implemented a number of riverbank protection works and constructed protective structure:
- The Shorokhevi riverbank protection works at the village Baghlojiani, where the bank, washed out by the river, was restored by the soil dam and the protected by gabions and mattresses. Total volume - 4124 m3;

- The Supsa River right bank protection in Chokhatauri district. Was arranged gabion bank protection with total volume of 2156 m3;
- The Skuncha River bank protection works in Ozurgeti district. Was arranged an open ferroconcrete channel along the entire length of the settlement;
- North - South Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation, which includes: restoring of underscoured by flood soil dam along the gas pipeline route and arrangement of protective concrete wall with length 166 m. Volume of works - 747 m3. Also at Pasanauri riverbank protection by galvanized gabions, volume - 456 m3.
LTD “MAMISONI” Georgia, Tbilisi, Vazha-Pshavela Ave N71 Tel: +995322 20 73 32 3
Rehabilitation works of the Patara Khevdzmara River damaged collector section in Tbilisi: pit processing, volume of 93 900 m3. Arrangement of a new 200 m long collector and backfilling.

Building Company “Mamisosni” Ltd also successfully executes the cascade concrete construction works on river Aragvi, near Gudauri for small hydropower.

The construction process includes:

1) Power house construction. Parameters: (28*13.10)m
Steel/ferro-concrete reinforcement: 106.8 Tones
Concrete: 1200m3
2) Control office and transformer buildings construction (14*10.2)m Concrete: 215.65m3 Steel/ferro-concrete reinforcement: 25.905 Tones
3) Water Intake and De-Sander Left Concrete: 728m3 Steel/ferro-concrete reinforcement: 50 Tones
4) Water Intake and De-Sander Right
Concrete: 570m3 Steel/Ferro-concrete reinforcement: 24.6 Tones
5) Balance Reservior
Concrete: 275m3 Steel/Ferro-concrete reinforcement: 13.75 Tones
6) Valve Building ( Valve Chamber) Concrete: 178.2m3 Steel/Ferro-concrete reinforcement: 13.03 Tones
7) Conduit Bridge: Concrete: 295.0m3 Steel/Ferro-concrete reinforcement: 5.25 Tones